Texas Spirit Gathering hosted with Spiritualist Church Sells Out

Patreon Discounts Available for Feb. 2-3 Texas Spirit Gathering on First Spiritualist Church of Austin grounds.

Big news. The Austin Séance is teaming up with the First Spiritualist Church of Austin to launch The Texas Spirit Gathering, to be conducted Feb. 2-3 on the church grounds.

Brandon Hodge, one of the nation’s foremost experts on the history of Ouija boards, is among the speakers.

And what is The Texas Spirit Gathering? The short answer is it’s our first-ever occult history conference. In it, we’ll bring together experts and academics to speak about 19th century Spiritualism, talking board history, exorcism history and other topics. We’re also planning a variety of hands-on workshops (including on séances and ouija use), plus a magic lantern presentation of historic spirit photographs by renowned expert Brandon Hodge.

Admission is just $85 (not including taxes and the ticketing service fee). We’re also offering $15 discounts for new Patreon paid subscribers of The Austin Séance.

Go to https://texasspiritgathering.com for details about the conference. And click HERE to join The Austin Séance Patreon. Discounts available for paid members only.

UPDATE: The Texas Spirit Conference is SOLD OUT.

UPDATE: Texas Spirit Conference slide decks posted online. Find them HERE.

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