New Journal Edition Explores Medium’s Rivalry with Houdini

Also included are articles about paranormal investigations, the I Ching, and funeral street cars.

Now back from the printers, the winter edition of The Austin Séance Quarterly Journal features articles about artist Katy Horan,  co-creator of the Literary Witches Oracle Deck;  about the history and operation of the I Ching; about early 20th Century funeral street cars; and about eliminating bias in paranormal investigations.

But that’s not all.  For our cover story, we feature part II of Anna Thurlow’s fascinating account of the rivalry between her great grandmother, Mina Crandon, and the magician Harry Houdini.  Mrs. Crandon was one of the most celebrated mediums in American history; and Harry Houdini was … well … Harry Houdini.  In the previous fall edition, Ms. Thurlow described a Scientific American investigation into her great grandmother’s séances. In this new winter edition Ms. Thurlow concludes her report, and discusses Houdini’s findings.

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