Séance Sessions June 3-4 at The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour

The Austin Séance appear in June at The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour and The Oddities & Curiosities Expo.

The Austin Séance appears for two nights in June at the Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour. The subject of television and newspaper reports, the Glass Coffin has grown locally famous by way of its startling creepy decor and its deliciously menacing assortment of occult books and spell-crafting supplies.  We’ll be gathering Friday and Saturday, June 3 and June 4, in the parlour’s intimate séance room. We’ve scheduled two sittings each night, but with spots for just 12 sitters apiece sell-outs are likely.  Get tickets at this link, or by clicking on the black box.

Located at 3009 N Interstate Hwy 35, The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlour,  carries unusual vintage items, oddities, occult books, dark home decor and a delectable assortment of candles, incense and spell-crafting supplies. 


We’re also appearing later in the month, June 18th, for the  Oddities & Curiosities Expo, located at the Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs, in Austin. We’ll be hawking talking boards and other merch and selling subscriptions to The Austin Séance Quarterly Journal. For tickets to the Paranormal Fest, go to the link here.

Look for ticket information for The Austin Séance appearances at this link, or sign up for our online newsletter for early notice of ticket sales and public sittings,


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