Artist Katy Horan Creates Talking Boards for The Austin Séance

The talking boards will be available for the first time during October appearances of The Austin Séance.
Katy Horan

Celebrated artist Katy Horan has created new talking boards exclusively for The Austin Séance. The creative collaborator behind the illustrated Literary Witches Oracle Deck (with writer Taisia Kitaiskaia, new from Random House), Katy has had her work exhibited throughout the United States and Canada. She has been published in several books, including Fantagraphic’s Beasts!, The Exquisite Book and Literary Witches, from which the Oracle Deck was inspired. (You can read more about the illustrated Literary Witches book, here.) Katy’s work also has appeared in Juxtapoz Magazine and New American Paintings magazine.

The beautiful new talking boards work well as Ouija-style devices, as Wilbur Boards or pendulum boards. We will have these new commissions available for purchase for the first time ever during our demonstrations this month in Austin and San Antonio. Tickets for those sittings are available here.

Katy lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

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