The Austin Séance Announces Halloween Séance Schedule

The Austin Séance has sessions scheduled throughout Central Texas. Patreon discounts available.

The Austin Séance has workshops and séances scheduled for the upcoming Halloween season.  Find tickets, as they become available, here. Keep reading below for details.


Saturday, Oct. 7, Seance at Minx+Muse (Austin, Texas)
We have two séances scheduled for Saturday, October 7, at Austin’s Minx+Muse, 605 W 37th Street.  BUY TICKETS for EARLY SITTING HERE, or for LATE SITTING HERE.

Sunday, Oct. 8, Workshop at Minx+Muse (Austin, Texas)
We have a Sunday morning workshop on the Ouija scheduled for Oct. 8 at Austin’s Minx+Muse, 605 W 37th Street.  BUY TICKETS HERE.


Friday, Oct. 13, Séance at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn (San Antonio, Texas)
The Austin Séance joins with Curious Twins Paranormal for a Friday the 13th evening of paranormal exploration at San Antonio’s Historic Victoria Black Swan Inn. The night begins with a séance session by The Austin Séance, following by an exploration of the fascinating property by the great guys from Curious Twins. Tickets are $90. Some Patreon discounts available. Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is located at 1006 Holbrook Rd, in San Antonio. BUY TICKETS HERE.


Saturday, Oct. 14, Workshop at Villa Finale (San Antonio, Texas)
We have a Saturday afternoon workshop scheduled for Oct. 14 at San Antonio’s beautiful Villa Finale mansion, 401 King William Street.  BUY TICKETS HERE.

Sunday, Oct. 14, Séance at Villa Finale (San Antonio, Texas)
We have a Saturday afternoon workshop scheduled on the Ouija for Oct. 14 at San Antonio’s beautiful Villa Finale mansion, 401 King William Street.   BUY TICKETS HERE. 


Saturday, Oct.  21,  Black Sparrow Music Parlor (Taylor, Texas)
We have two séances scheduled Saturday night on Oct. 21  in Taylor, sponsored in part by the Curio Mrvosa bookstore. We will be gathering for two séances at Black Sparrow Music Parlor, 113 W. 2nd Street, in Taylor.  Some Patreon discounts will be available.  BUY TICKETS HERE.


Thursday- Sunday, Oct. 26-29, The Vortex (Austin, Texas)
The Austin Séance returns to The Vortex, in the spooky Pony Shed, for a series of six séance sessions across four days. The Vortex is located at 2307 Manor Road, in Austin. Some Patreon discounts will be available. BUY TICKETS HERE. 


Monday, Oct. 30, Violet Crown (Austin, Texas)
The Austin Séance appears at Austin’s Violet Crown theater for a special event coordinated by the Paranormal Putas podcast. Details available soon.




The  Fall 2023  issue of The Austin Séance Quarterly Journal  features an article about famed spirit medium Mina Crandon written by her great granddaughter. It also includes articles about Rosemary Brown, the “Musical Medium”; about Dr. Benjamin Rush, a Colonial-era physician said to have appeared in spirit form to several different mediums; about South Texas card reader Ema Rodriguez; and about the surprising historical relationship between Theosophy, Spiritualism and cremation practices.

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Horan Talking Board

You also can win a talking board from The Austin Séance just by picking up a copy of the journal. All you need to do is post a photo of the journal on Facebook or Instagram, and tag The Austin Séance on the image. We’ll pick one of these tagged images at random and send the poster a free talking board. Renowned Austin artist Katy Horan, creator of the popular Literary Witches book and divination cards,  is the board designer. You can find out more about Ms. Moran and the boards here.


Custom planchettes by The Austin Séance for Patreon supporters.

We recently delivered as a free gift to our Patreon supporters: custom-made planchettes for use with a talking board. Each planchette is different. This is in addition the Mysterious Noises affidavits  also received recently by our Patreon supporters.

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