The Austin Séance Hosts Two Sessions in Corpus Christi

The Austin Séance in Corpus Christi for one night only, for sessions sponsored by Skeleton Key Curios.

We’ve posted a small Instagram video about our two recent séance sessions in Corpus Christi,  hosted by Skeleton Key Curios.  Ema Rodriguez, the owner, hosted our appearance, and we very much appreciate all her support. We also appreciate Leticia Ernestina Gomez, who wrapped the event with her surreal art, as well as ythe many others who helped make the event a big success.

The Austin Séance Tiny Yellow Book

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Ever wondered what exists on the other side? Ever played with a Ouija board or a game of Bloody Mary? Are you a believer or, like Fox Mulder, do you simply want to believe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The Austin Séance Little Yellow Book is right for you. This inexpensive 50-page pocket guide includes descriptions of historical spiritualist figures plus useful how-to advice for the modern-day medium.

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