This year’s summer sittings will be held across two weekends, June 2-4 and June 8-10, in the intimate Pony Shed. Space is very limited.Read More
Houghton created her drawings in a variety of methods, but always during a séance. She produced her first in 1861, years before more renowned abstract artists.Read More
Leonora Piper was one of the most acclaimed mediums of her era. She made believers of famous thinkers, but her detractors were numerous — and adamant. Read More
An eerie demonstration in 1848, conducted by Kate and Margaret Fox in a small New York farmhouse, is remembered as the first American séance. Read More
Is it right to interpret what happens during sittings as signs of the paranormal? Or should we instead be led, exclusively, by cold hard reason? Read More
Success is never guaranteed, but we’ve often observed that tables will tip for sitters who are willing to wait, concentrate and remain still. Read More
Morbid Curiosity is a game that challenges players to share what they know and think about death. Austin Séance is hosting an exclusive sitting as part of the launch party.Read More
The Austin Séance team returns to The Vortex, 2307 Manor Road, for a series of 11 sittings Feb. 3-12 in the intimate Pony Shed. But space is limited.Read More